Jun 6, 2010

Our backyard studio gallery workshop.

              Our framing and mounting workshop.

I have been out of the studio for over a week and it is good to be home and back to work. Since closing our cabinetry business this past July it has been quite an effort to overhaul the entire shop into the printmaking studio gallery and new workshop. We removed all of our industrial level woodworking equipment. Large electric panels,several hundred feet of dust collection pipe including the 30hp exterior dust system it all went. After the large equipment was removed we spent about a month cleaning dust and believe you me there was quite abit.  We then installed a half dozen pieces of smaller woodworking equipment that are required for our framing and mounting work. Many of the panos we mount are on gatorboard which require the large sliding table saw. We can cut up a 4' X 10' sheet in less then 15 minutes. I took an extra day and built the 5' X 10' workbench you see in the back left of the photo. It comes in handy for assembling large 8 ft. panos and wet mounting canvas to gatorboard.
We have a beautiful facitily here in southeastern Pennsylvania and would love to have you come spend a day with us.  Our canvas workshops cover processing,printing and mounting for photographers of all levels from beginners to expert. We also offer custom workshops for your special printing or mounting interests. Printing with Epsons 7900 (24") and 9900 (44") everyone takes home a gallery wrapped 20"x 30"canvas image. 
In addition to our regular canvas workshops we will be adding a new pano mounting workshop later this summer. Please give us a call at  610-856-7095

     Miter saw system for cutting gallery stretcher bars.

                    Studio - Gallery- Workshop